Earl Kaplan

Earl Kaplan is the Founder of the original Books Are Fun back in 1991. Within 9 years, he propelled his business to $220 million of annual revenue, with annual profit of over $41 million, and transformed Books Are Fun into the world’s largest display marketing business. He then sold the company to Reader’s Digest, in the largest buyout transaction in that industry, for $380 million. In December 2008, he purchased Books Are Fun and its assets back from Reader’s Digest at five cents on the dollar, and has restored Books Are Fun back to the predominant display marketing business in the U.S. Just a year after the buyback, Books Are Fun once again received another highly lucrative buyout offer. Mr. Kaplan has over 25 years of experience, and participated in billions worth of real estate development or investment transactions. He is focused on working with the best people in the industry, to develop some of the best projects in the industry.