Atria Applewood
Atria Applewood
Atria Applewood

Foresight and its principles have participated in billions of real estate development transactions. These projects include: Senior Living, Hotels, Condominiums, Industrial, and Retail Space. With over 25 years of development and investment experience, and it’s principles have participated in over 2,000,000 sf of real estate development, and we leverage our expertise to maximize value for our investment partners.

For overseas investors, we offer a true turn key opportunity in the senior living area. From EB-5 filing to completion of the project, we have assembled the top people in the industry to make investing simple and seamless. Our EB-5 attorney has successfully filed over 500 applications with immigration services. Our architecual partner has won numerous awards for assisted living designs. Our general contractors have decades of experience in the senior housing arena. Our group, along with our partners, have the combined experience of developing or operating over 300 Senior Living Facilities across the United States. An investment with Foresight assures ease, integrity and success!


Frontier Management: Picture4
Facilities: 91
(WA: 9   OR: 33   CA: 12   ID: 2   AZ: 5  TX: 7   IL: 5  IN: 1   SC: 9   IA: 6   TN:  2)

Senior Lifestyle: Picture3
Facilities: 163
(WA: 6   OR: 2   CA: 2   NV: 1   AZ: 2   CO: 3   NM: 1   OK: 1   KS: 2   NE: 5   TX: 18   IA: 1   AR: 1   WI: 11   IL: 51   IN: 3   OH: 16   TN: 2   PA: 4   NY: 3   NJ: 2   VA: 2   NC: 2   SC: 1   FL: 14   MD: 1   GA: 6   MO: 3)

MorningStar: Picture2
Facilities: 20
(ID: 2   MO: 1   NV: 1   AZ: 3   NM: 1   CO: 11   WY: 1)